Blood Blockade Battlefront&BEYOND Exhibition Opens May 18th!

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond Exhibition Opens May 18th!

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Blood Blockade Battlefront&BEYOND Exhibition Opens May 18th!
  • What You Need to Know:
  • Tokyo Anime Center will be hosting the exhibition of “Leonardo Watch Report”, an exhibition dedicated to the popular anime “Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond” from May 18th to June 10th,2018. This exhibition will be focusing on Leonard Watch, the main character, to introduce ordinary events (parties) in Hellsalem’s Lot through a collection of valuable reproductions and still images. This exhibition offers both original drawings and still images, giving you a glimpse of the world seen through Leo’s eyes. New drawings and original items are also available for purchase at the show.

  • A “Chroma Key Composite Photo-booth” will be available at the event and there will be different photo frames each week as a total of 13 different frame designs will be provided in the exhibition.

  • Exclusive items will be on sale: Trading Pin Buttons (9 designs), Trading Acrylic Charms (9 designs), PC stickers (9 designs), Clear folder (1 design) and B3-size Poster (1 design). If you’re interested in attending then be sure to check out the event details below!

  • Source: Official Press Release
Looks like a promising event to grab some extra goodies!
Yeah, especially for fans of the series!

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