Wonder Festival 2018[Summer] Announces Dates and Information!

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  • What You Need to Know:
  • It seems like we were just talking about Wonder Festival from its winter incarnation, and now it’s time to talk about Wonder Festival 2018[Summer]! If you are in the dark, everyone knows Comiket, right? Well, Wonder Festival is the figurine version. With thousands of dealers projected to be coming this year, there will be even more figurines announced than ever before.
  • Today, we have received official information regarding Wonder Festival 2018[Summer]. The official date is going to be Sunday, July 29th. It will be held again at Makuhari Messe Halls 1 through 8 in Chiba City in Chiba Prefecture, adjacent to Tokyo. Entrance tickets are 2500 yen (~22.50 USD) and will get you in for the entire day. As previously stated, approximately 2000 dealers will be in attendance.
  • For reference as to how many people attend, Wonder Festival 2017[Summer] saw 50,757 attendees, and Wonder Festival 2018[Winter] saw 54,796 attendees. The goal this year is to hit 56,000 people in attendance. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!
  • Source: Official Press Release

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