• What You Need to Know:
  • On Friday, we brought you news about the upcoming figurine festival Wonder Festival 2018[Summer]. Just in case you missed it, Wonder Festival is for figurines what Comiket is for anime & manga. Each year it is held in summer and winter and boasts over 50000 attendees along with over 2000 dealers. This time, it will be held on June 29th, 2018 at Makuhari Messe Halls 1 through 8 in Chiba City in Chiba Prefecture with the goal of hitting 56000 attendees.
  • Today is the reveal of the official mascot characters for the Wonder Festival 2018[Summer]. You can view them above! In addition to this, we can now reveal information about the secret figure project known as “Wonda-chan NEXT DOOR PROJECT FILE:06”.
  • Little is known yet and as the teaser image reveals, we have to wait till Friday, June 22nd to learn more about just what this cute figurine could be! Each Wonder Festival, there is a new model that debuts, and the image below is the teaser for the next installation! Be sure to come back on the 22nd of June and find out just what it could be!